Haitians affected by January’s devastating earthquake have been treated to cinema screenings thanks to a group of volunteers and their digital projector.

The brief relief from the arduous task of rebuilding their country and their lives has come in the form of a make-shift cinema in the grounds of a hospital.

The cinema has been set up in Port au Prince – one of the worst hit areas, and a city where many are now homeless and living in severe poverty. The group of volunteers from the Cube Cinema in Bristol, decided to offer some entertainment and travelled to Haiti equipped with a projector and simple screen that they have fixed up between two tend poles.

The group decided to screen the light-hearted animation Shaun the Sheep, in the hope that language would not be a barrier to people’s enjoyment of this most basic cinema-going experience.

The project illustrated effectively how a simple digital projector and screen can help people forget trauma in their lives for just an hour or two – as they concentrate on the simple task of sitting back and being entertained.