A US motion picture firm has this week made the bold claim that its projectors offer the “biggest and brightest 2D and 3D images on the market”.

Cinemark Holdings’ Barco DLP projectors use technology called ‘Constant Light Output’. This feature boosts the projector lamp’s power throughout the bulb’s life, meaning that it remains as bright as possible for each presentation, rather than getting duller over time. Barco does in fact hold the Guinness Book World Record for having the brightest projector in the world.

Damian Wardle, Vice President of Theatre Technology and Presentation for Cinemark USA, commented, “At Cinemark, we continually focus on offering our customers the best technology solutions available, which enables us to deliver a premium digital entertainment experience.

He added, “When playing 2D movies, our policy is to slide the RealD 3D filter out of the way of the lens. This action takes just a matter of seconds and ensures that the image is exactly as the studio intended it to be shown. Additionally, we have very strict standards of monitoring bulb life and changing it if it falls below light standards.”

Cinemark is a major motion picture exhibitor, operating over 430 movie theatres in America and internationally.