Car company Smart has launched an innovative new vehicle which has a projector in the bonnet.

The Smart Forstars was unveiled at the recent Paris Motor Show, revealing a projector hidden in the bonnet for any-time film viewing on wheels. The company has described the innovation as a “witty idea”, which will allow drivers to share films with friends “spontaneously.”

Smart boss Dr Annette Winkler is quoted as saying, “The smart is Europe's most inexpensive series-produced electric car. Not only is it emission-free and fast, it is also possible to conveniently set the perfect interior temperature in advance with a smartphone, and it is simple to charge at a domestic socket.”

She added, “'What's more, with its powerful battery and integrated projector the Smart Forstars can transform any grey backyard into an animated open-air cinema.”

The innovative projector is powered is operated by Bluetooth via an iPhone. Speakers concealed in door ventilation openings means sound can also be heard outside the vehicle. The company revealed that the original idea came from rally cars, which have an air scoop on the bonnet. Instead of a traditional rear-view mirror the high-tech car also has a built-in video camera to provide driver visibility of what’s behind.