Christie wins laser dome cinema deal

Projector manufacturer Christie has been confirmed as the partner of D3D Cinema to create tilted giant screen dome cinemas.

Preliminary testing is underway in conjunction with a host of third-party partners, with research and development also continuing into the scheme.

Original dome test footage is due to be shot in high resolution digital and 70 mm formats by D3D Cinema in the coming months in preparation for the tilted giant screen dome cinemas.

Classic 70 mm dome content will be scanned at 11K resolution, while it is also claimed that the system will be optimised for high frame rate playback and laser optimised high dynamic range.

Bryan Boehme, national sales manager at Christie, explained that the aim of the partnership with D3D Cinema is to create "open and flexible high brightness laser projection solutions to the dome cinema market".

He added: "Our approach is a dome configuration using a very special, single laser projector situated in the focal sweet spot, incorporating true spherical optics."

Don Kempf, president and founder of D3D, said it has been a long wait for digital projection technology to be able to rival or exceed the quality of 70 mm.

He noted: "Just as lasers usher in a new era for dome cinema exhibition, new digital capture technology ushers in a new era for the production of dome-specific content to support the incredible dynamic range of the lasers."

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