Christie unveils ‘Pandoras Box’ in Las Vegas

Christie unveils ‘Pandoras Box’ in Las Vegas
Christie unveils ‘Pandoras Box’ in Las Vegas
Projector firm Christie has unveiled its ‘Pandoras Box’ media server at a design expo in Las Vegas.

The company officially launched the “more versatile than ever” Pandoras Box 6.0 at the Live Design International show last month.

The Pandoras Box system comes with a host of new tools and features, including a multi-user mode, which allows operators to split the workload of a project. It also allows users to edit meshes and warps and make map adjustments all from the server’s preview window.

The media server is designed for use in live events, including multi-media events and projection mapping.

"The ability to have multiple operators cooperate and program the same project simultaneously is going to have an enormous positive impact on how people use Pandoras Box for large events," said Joel St-Denis, product manager at Christie.

"With Pandoras Box 6.0, we listened to our users and focused on improving the general workflow by bringing frequently used features such as warping directly within the Pandoras box interface."

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