Christie to provide projectors for Walt Disney Studios

Christie has announced it has signed an agreement to provide digital cinema technology and professional support services to Walt Disney Studios.

Disney will receive 24-hour support from the specialist Christie team, ensuring Disney’s digital cinema facilities are always working optimally and remain fully maintained. Disney will also benefit from input from Christie experts on the latest projector technology and innovations to keep audiences enthralled, highlighting the importance of the technology in the company today.

Disney will get early access to Christie’s latest technology and devices, and even be able to have their say on emerging products and services at the design stage to ensure they’re as useful as possible. The types of technologies Disney will benefit from include laser projection, 4K projection, and Christie’s Integrated Media Block.

Jack Kline, president and COO, Christie Digital Systems, said: “Disney continues to push the limits of technology and innovation, and we at Christie are honoured that we have this long-term opportunity to bring our considerable technology and service resources to bear to support Disney’s movie business.”

Jeff Miller, President, Studio Operations, The Walt Disney Studios, added: Our agreement with Christie assures us of leading-edge projection technology and services for our Motion Pictures and our Studio Lot. We’re also looking forward to working with Christie to refine and improve projection technologies.”

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