Christie to demo advanced laser projection architecture

Christie has announced it is set to demo its latest advanced laser projection architecture at a pair of upcoming industry events.

The technology will be shown off by the company for the first time at the Christie Innovation Theatres throughout CinemaCon 2014, which is taking place at Caesars Palace from 24 to 27 March.

It will also be displayed at this year's National Association of Broadcasters NAB Show, held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre from 5 to 10 April.

Christie explained that its DLP Cinema laser projectors using 6-Primary (6P) colour laser modules are at the heart of the new development.

Don Shaw, senior director of product management at Christie Entertainment Solutions, stated that declines in domestic 3D movie attendance are because the films often deliver a "mediocre experience".

He said: "The lacklustre quality of this experience results from a number of technical limitations with current 3D system architectures, the most serious one being restricted light levels that amount to only 10-30 per cent of those levels achieved for 2D presentations.

"Simply put, the movies are too dark, leaving audiences struggling to discern critical details that make up the image in front of them."

Christie uses 6P colour laser modules for its laser projection architecture, resulting in a brighter picture on 3D screens and a better experience for cinemagoers.

"We believe that this is the future of 3D cinema projection … and that it will be a key element in boosting 3D box office revenues around the world," added Mr Shaw.

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