Leading projector manufacturer Christie has revealed its latest creation, the world’s first 4K omnidirectional 3DLP projector.

The Christie Mirage 304K has been unveiled at the IVR, which is Japan’s largest exhibition focusing on new 3D and high definition image technologies, taking place on 24 and 25 June. The new projector makes use of the company's Christie TruLife Electronics platform and it boasts 30,000 lumens of brightness as well as a video-processing pipeline of up to 1.2 Gigapixels.

Christie says the Mirage 304K has been designed for advanced visualisation within a range of industries including military, automotive, oil and gas, location-based entertainment, government, and biotechnology.

The projector comes with a variety of input options such as HDMI, HD-SDI and DisplayPort. Thanks to its image quality, colour and uniformity, the Christie Mirage 304K is reportedly ideal for use with product development, enabling developers and designers to better see, understand and interact with the products they are making.

Jennifer Smith, executive vice president of Christie Global Market Solutions, said: "An omnidirectional projector for 3D and advanced visualisation at full 4K, 120Hz is a breakthrough in projection technology.

"Using lamps from Ushio, the Christie Mirage 304K features the patented Christie six-mercury lamp illumination system. With the new Christie Mirage 304K operating at true 120Hz, Christie continues to push the envelope in visual display solutions."