The G-Series of projectors from Christie has won the Most InAVative Commercial Projector Below 10,000 Lumens award at the 2013 EMEA InAVation Awards.

The announcement was made at the awards’ gala dinner, held at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2013 trade expo in Amsterdam last week. The series of two projectors – the 1-chip DLP® DHD550-G HD and DWU550-G WUXGA versions – were triumphant in a category that included models from many of the leading projector brands.

The vice president of the Christie EMEA, Dale Miller, said that the readers and staff of InAVate Magazine, which sponsored and decided on the awards, should be commended for recognising the brand’s achievements.

“Christie’s promise is that we will continue to supply our partners and support their project teams with the most efficient tools for rapid implementation,” he said. “And our promise to the end user is that we will deliver solutions that carry the lowest cost of ownership and the best performance in the industry.”

The projectors have been designed to create images with high-quality colour, contrast and brightness, through a contrast ratio of 5,000:1 and a standard six-segment colour wheel. The projectors are ideal for use in boardrooms, conference rooms, education rooms and other small venues.