Christie projectors installed by Cines Babel

Spanish cinema company Cines Babel has announced it has selected Christie projectors to install in its theatres as part of an upgrade project.

Christie Solaria One projectors were chosen to digitise the firm's five theatres, with the model described as being perfect for screens measuring up to nine metres wide.

The manager of the multiplex, Antonio Such, explained that there was a need to digitise the theatres due to the fact that copies of films in 35mm were gradually beginning to disappear.

He added: "Last year that process accelerated. So we saw a real need to digitise our theatres. After evaluating three different brands, we opted for Christie because we found the quality it offered to be the best, and our opinion was corroborated by the experts we consulted."

Cines Babel was also able to automate its whole projection system as a result of selecting Christie Solaria One projectors for the upgrade project in its theatres.

Mr Such explained: "The system is so simple that it doesn’t require operators. All the projections and theatres are automated and can be programmed once a week from a computer in our admin office and we can even do it remotely from a computer anywhere with internet access."

The Cines Babel manager added that this means that alongside the boost to the quality of the image and sound, productivity at the multiplex has also improved as a result of the Christie Solaria One projectors.

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