Christie's fully integrated Matrix StIM WQ projector has won the Innovator Award at the DTC (Defence Teaming Centre) annual Defence Industry awards ceremony in Australia.

The Innovator Award is used to recognise a company that has invested in research and development for the production of innovative products, and therefore contributed to South Australia's defence industry.

The Christie Matrix StIM WQ is the world's brightest solid state WQXGA simulation projection system and is designed for use in the most demanding simulation and training applications within defence. Designed with dual input, the projector is the first of its kind to display separate channels for visible light and Infra-Red (IR) spectrum, which allows for simulated Night Vision Goggles training.

The projection system is capable of compositing the two 60Hz RGB inputs to deliver 120Hz RGB operation, resulting in improved image quality without perceived loss of brightness. Despite this, the projector is designed to work 24 hours a day and so has a platform rate at 50,000 hours Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), making it durable, reliable and almost maintenance-free.

Commenting on the award, Lin Yi, vice president of Christie Asia Pacific, said: "This is a clear testimony of the high quality and performance of Christie's advanced visual technologies in meeting the needs of the most demanding users and applications."