Christie launches HS Series DLP laser projectors Christie launches HS Series DLP laser projectors

International projector manufacturer Christie has announced the launch of its new HS Series 1DLP large venue projectors.

Featuring the Christie D12HD-HS and D12WU-HS, this new series focuses on delivering high end resolution combined with vivid colours created using the latest in colour projection technology.

To deliver these market leading colours, each of the new Christie devices includes the brand's own in-built BoldColor Technology for richer tones, as well as a 3x colour wheel speed. The D12HD-HS and D12WU-HS projectors also deliver HD and WUXGA resolution, respectively, within a compact outer casing that ensures the new series features the quietest 10,000+ lumen laser phosphor projectors on the market.

The brightness level achieved by the new Christie DLP series is also ahead of the market, with the latest projector labelled the world's brightest 1DLP laser phosphor device. This dedication to the ideal image is matched by the level of flexibility achieved within the new series, with each of the latest offerings capable of 360-degree orientation.

Although the HS Series is unmatched in the industry, its level of freedom and flexibility has been developed even further by Christie's new Q Series projectors. Newly launched, the DWU1052-Q and DHD1052-Q-H projectors have been designed with large venues in mind, offering improved warping and blending technology for an immersive projection experience in venues of any size or shape.

According to Christie product manager Curtis Lingard, the new projectors offer greater installation freedom, allowing portrait or landscape projection to suit the environment.

"Built into the same small chassis as our existing and very successful Q Series, the 1052-Q models bring even more brightness in the same unbelievably small form factor," Mr Lingard added. "This allows it to fit into small spaces and go unnoticed while the focus of the audience remains on the stunning images, all at a low cost of ownership."