Christie has unveiled the world's first solid-state projector to be available at 3,000 lumens or more with the launch of its Captiva Series.

This addition to Christie's 1DLP laser phosphor projector line-up promises to deliver exceptional brightness in small spaces where silent, reliable and energy-efficient projection is paramount.

Captiva Series also boasts a 0:24 ultra-short throw lens and choice between HD (1920x1080) or UltraWide (1920x780), making it ideal for running multiple creative applications.

Perfect for use in 24/7 high-usage applications, Captiva provides 20,000 hours of high-performance operation, can achieve full brightness within seconds, and switch instantaneously into standby with no cool-down period.

Curtis Lingard, product manager of the Captiva Series, commented: “The Ultra Wide aspect ratio commonly surprises people when they first see it. It’s ideal for retail and museums to capture audiences’ attention in either landscape or portrait orientation.

"The UltraWide aspect ratio is also perfect for running one or more applications simultaneously on your desktop in meetings or classrooms – you can see several windows at the same time. And the high definition provides a beautiful canvas to showcase products, information or, with the optional Captiva Touch, engage customers by letting them interact with the content.”

Both the Captiva DHD400S and the Captiva DUW350S are designed for fixed installations where quiet operation is integral, such as museums, galleries, classrooms and corporate offices.