Christie Boxer launched in 2K version

The multiple award-winning Christie Boxer has been launched by high-end projector manufacturer Christie in a new 2K version, ideal for business or education settings requiring portability and high quality.

Continuing the standards set by the previous Christie Boxer 4K30, the new Christie Boxer 30 has been specifically designed for use in rental staging situations, including concerts, amusement parks, live theatre and conventions. However, the projector is also set for more interactive use in museums, planetariums and higher education establishments.

The Christie Boxer 30 has been designed for portability while maintaining the high standard of projected images provided by the 4K30. According to Christie, the new device weighs just 160 pounds and provides a strong 2K image with an option to upgrade to 4K DLP when required.

The projector also offers 30,000 lumens with a 1,500-hour lamp life to 70 per cent brightness, reducing the costs of replacing lamps that plague competing projects in the sector.

"Christie Boxer 30 delivers excellent image processing for HD and 2K images with all the capabilities that make Boxer an award-winning platform," said Mike Garrido, senior product manager, Christie.

The new launch's highly successful predecessor, the Christie Boxer 4K30, has already established a reputation as one of the most efficient and cost-effective devices available for professional settings. Weighing less than 150 pounds, the projector offers exceptional user experience and convenience.

Although the Christie Boxer 30 is designed to adapt to various environments, the 4K30 has been specifically crafted to increase return on investment for business owners, offering the portability of mobile projection but the technical capabilities of high-end conference projectors.

This focus on portability has clearly inspired the design of the new Boxer 30, which mirrors the 4K30's small size while providing a slightly more versatile end image that is suitable for almost any environment.