With so many options on the market, it is important to choose the right projector screen so as to get the most from your projector at home.

There are various types of mounting options available, which can be divided into two main categories.

Firstly, there is the fixed frame option where the screen is attached permanently to a wall and secondly, the roll-away option where the screen can be rolled up out of sight when not being used.

While the second option may be more practical, if you have the space fixed frame, screens may offer better quality of viewing as these screens tend to remain more tautly stretched.

Another important decision to make in terms of your screen is the size and shape of screen to opt for. If you will be watching a lot of HD, for example, you might choose a 16:9 screen or perhaps even a CinemaScope screen.

For CinemaScope clarity, you will get an immersive effect with a screen like a Steward’s CineCurve. These focus light at the viewing position, compensating for lens distortion.

These are just some factors to consider when choosing a projector screen - whatever you do, you don't want to sell your projector short with an unsuitable screen.