Choosing the perfect projector for your business needs isn’t always easy, and can take much research. Pinpointing exactly what the device will be used for is essential – be it presentations, video conferences or short film showings – and matching the projector’s abilities to those needs is the best way forward.

Brightness is a key element to consider when choosing the projector for your business. While the brightness of the device will help to deliver the best quality image, some projectors are designed for use in bright rooms, while others work better in rooms which have the lights off. If your business plans to use a projector in daylight, it is better to opt for one with a high lumen count, usually around 2,000 to 3,000 lumens. A projector which allows the brightness to be controlled would also be a suitable choice as it can then be used with their lights either on or off.

Another factor to consider is resolution. A clear resolution creates a far better user experience, delivering bright colours and a clear picture. If this is important to you, choose a high-definition projector, which is often marked as 720p and above, although 1080p is also fairly common. Projectors that offer even higher resolution include 4k monitors, which are the very latest in high-definition technology. The Huffington Post reports that “these come with an outstanding 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution for a crystal clear picture.”

Other factors to consider when choosing the best projector for your business needs include contrast ratio, which references the difference between the projector's darkest black and lightest white and affects how clear the picture is. A projector with a high contrast ratio will deliver a clearer picture. The projector lamp is also a factor worth considering. LED lamps are worth the extra initial spend as they are capable of lasting for tens of thousands of hours, far longer than the incandescent projectors that last only around 2,000 hours.

The "throw" – which refers to how far away from the screen the projector has to in order to produce a clear image – is also a key factor. A "short throw" projector sits much closer to the screen, which could be suitable if your meeting room is small. A "super short throw" projector is able to be mounted directly above the screen, thereby cutting the amount of shadows on the screen, making these devices a popular choice for meeting rooms.