A Chinese company claims to have created a world first with its combination of a tablet device and a digital light processing (DLP) projector.

Chinavision, which specialises in producing Android tablets and associated equipment, said the new gadget was aimed at travelling executives and trainers who wanted a lightweight solution to show visuals to clients and students.

Chinavision spokeswoman Rose Li said: “Putting a DLP projector onto a tablet is an inspired move because it allows business people to cut down the amount of luggage they need to cart around. Forget the heavy laptop, forget even carrying a little projector, this tablet projector will let business people carry all of their presentation tools in their jacket pocket."

The product is capable of projecting images onto a 50 inch surface for three hours and uses an A9 ARM Cortex processor and Android 4.2 operating system. It can handle up to 32GB of memory

The company said it was able to keep prices down because it was not a big name brand. Chinavision produces a number of other budget projector products but is best known for Android phone, tablets, cameras and computer accessories.