LED projector specialists Chinavision have launched a new mini LED projector with the promise of twice the functionality of a standard size projector.

The 550 gram MiniView projector is labelled as a budget projector but manufacturer Chinavision insists that it provides a high level of functionality despite its deceptively small size.

Featuring seven ports and inputs, including HDMI and TV Coaxial cable inputs, the projector is designed to adapt a number of environments and purposes including home entertainment systems and professional use.

The MiniView also comes with a 100 inch wide projection, 200:1 contrast ratio and 1.67 million colour projection. Rose Li, PR manager for Chinavision, believes that the projectors functionality is revolutionary in the LED micro projector market. She said: "How many other LED projectors can be plugged straight into a home entertainment system with the expectation that they will work perfectly? I suspect that it is a list of one."

The projector is also adapted to professional use and is built to hold up to 32GB in external storage. The projector's lamp is just as robust, standing up to 20,000 hours of constant use before it requires replacement.