A new ‘cage’ that protects projectors for use in auditoriums and gymnasiums, has been released by Chief Manufacturing.

The PG3 projector security enclosure fully encases larger projectors. This protects them against damage or theft, which prevents the need to remove the projector from its position and store securely after each use. Some larger projectors are weighty and fragile and are better off being left in their required location.

The PG series cages are actually available in three sizes, the PG1A, the PG2A and the PG3A. The cages can be installed without disturbing the current projector settings, and they also allow for pitch, yaw and roll adjustments.

The PG3 series cages can house projectors of up to 63.5cm wide and 63.5cm deep. They are available in black or white and come complete with a hinged door providing excellent access to the projector inside. The cages also have adjustable front opening to accommodate different projector lens positions.

These useful security enclosures are essential for the use of larger projectors that are used in public arenas, school AV theatres, gymnasiums and other venues that could be open to the public. Extra security is available to buy.