A prototype tablet device has been unveiled by Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, Micro-Star International (MSI), that incorporates a built-in, multi-purpose projector.

The model was displayed to the public at the CES trade show held in Las Vegas last week. The manufacturer has taken a tablet that runs on the Windows 7 operating system and built a projector onto one side of it. While still very much a concept device, MSI has predicted that projectors will soon become a standard component of the increasingly popular tablets.

At first look, the projector seems to be a cumbersome addition to the 10-inch tablet, but with the added size of the device come features that have yet to be incorporated into the tiny pico projectors that now feature on some mobile phones and cameras.

As well as being able to project images and content from the device for sharing, the projector is also capable of throwing an interactive laser keyboard on to much closer surfaces. The 'keys' of this projection can be used in the same way as any physical desktop keyboard.

The tablet is powered by a Windows 7-compatible intel processor, but MSI have said an ARM-based variant could easily be developed to run the Android operating system.