BenQ projectors are now a leading brand in the industry, promising unwavering quality, reliability and the latest technology. BenQ projectors are frequently praised for their innovation and the frequency with which the company develops and delivers the latest technology concepts to the market.

BenQ’s projector range features both lamp and laser light sources and spans the education, home cinema and business markets. BenQ also offer large venue installation projectors to suit a wide range of requirements.


The Ultimate Meeting Room Projector Showdown

Creating spaces that improve your employee’s productivity and creativity requires investment in the right tools. For all kinds of offices and event spaces, meeting room projectors play an important role. Here’s our ultimate meeting room projector showdown guide.


The New BenQ Laser 2018 Business Projector Line-up

BenQ’s much-anticipated laser line-up brings some of the industry’s best technology to the more accessible end of the market. With the LH720, LH770, LK952 and LK953ST even those with a more restricted budget can start to reap the benefits of a laser light source for the first time.