Among the most impressive attributes of the new Casio XJ-A135 projector is the fact that it has brightness of 2,000 lumens despite the fact that it is based on an LED light source.

The majority of other LED-based projectors have been pico pocket projectors. These often offer around 10 lumens of brightness, and other larger LED based projectors have offered brightness in the region of 160 lumens at the most. They were also rather bulky and difficult to carry.

So, the 2,000 lumens offered here is truly remarkable. Even more impressive is the fact that Casio is expected to release other models soon, including a widescreen version which could offer as many as 3,000 lumens.

The resolution offered by the XJ-A135 digital projector, which is one of Casio’s new Green Slim range, is 1,024x768. The projector is A4 size, is less than half a centimeter high at 43mm and weighs 2.3kg. In addition, the power supply is integrated so only a power cable needs to be carried alongside the projector, making it portable in a laptop bag. There is also no need to carry a VGA or HDMI cable because the XJ-A135 has built in WiFi.