Casio is to launch a new set of projectors offering enhanced connectivity, improved audio, higher brightness and 3D capabilities.

All of the new models are equipped with laser and LED hybrid light source technology, which means they are mercury lamp-free, cheaper to run and more eco-friendly than traditional projectors.

With its new portfolio of projectors – Short Throw, Pro and Signature – Casio plans to target the education, home cinema and mobile business presenter and gaming markets.

The Short Throw series features a 0.68 throw ratio lens that allows a 1.5m image to be projected less than 90cm from the screen, making it suitable for classrooms of all sizes.

Teachers can project 3D content from 3D-capable computers or convert 2D material. Meanwhile, an interactive whiteboard function turns any surface into an interactive workspace, with an optional pen and software for writing on projections.

Geared towards home cinema enthusiasts, the Pro series projectors offer 3,500 lumens brightness and have RGB outputs, as well as several audio inputs and an audio output to connect to separate audio systems. They also feature wireless and wired LAN connectivity and a brightness control that adapts to the lighting of the room.

Weighing just under 4kg, the Signature models are designed to be portable, have lower noise levels and work with smartphones and other mobile devices, eliminating the need for a laptop.