Casio showcases seven LampFree projectors at InfoComm 2016

Casio showcases seven LampFree projectors at InfoComm 2016
Casio showcases seven LampFree projectors at InfoComm 2016
Seven of the latest LampFree projectors by Casio, including the new XJ-F210WN, were on display at the InfoComm 2016 this year.

Casio, a premier projector manufacturer, had three projectors from the Core Series and four from the Advanced Series on display at the Las Vegas pro-AV event.

Casio’s LampFree projectors come with a maintenance-free operating life of 20,000 hours and consume 50 per cent less power than a traditional lamp-based projector. The energy consumption of the projectors at its brightest setting is 180 watts, while the economy modes can reduce this energy consumption by up to 50 per cent, according to the manufacturer. Another benefit of Casio’s LampFree technology is that it removes the need to purchase and replace lamps, which can often be an expensive and time-consuming process. This makes them both cost effective and safer for the environment.

The new projectors by Casio reach complete brightness in as little as five seconds, which removes the time required to wait for ordinary lamps to warm up. They also power off immediately, and there is no cool-down period.

A cool feature is the Intelligent Light Control feature, available on the Advanced Series. This allows the projectors to automatically detect the ambient light levels in the room and adjust the brightness setting accordingly.

In terms of connections, the Core Series projector models come with one HDMI terminal, while the Advanced Series models come with two HDMI connections in addition to a USB connection.

Joe Gillio, the senior director of strategic planning and marketing for Casio’s Business Projector Division, said at InfoComm 2016: “It's always exciting to showcase our products for the industry, and we are looking forward to exhibiting at InfoComm 2016 to further demonstrate our commitment to AV professionals.

“We consistently strive to develop products that benefit a range of industries, including business, education and hospitality, by providing the latest features as well as a lower total cost of ownership."

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