Casio releases eco-friendly projectors for Earth Awareness Month
Casio, as part of the manufacturer's commitment towards Earth Awareness Month, has built upon its innovative range of eco-friendly projectors with its latest release.

This includes its expanded EcoLite lineup of LampFree projectors, including the revamped XJ-V2, which has been marketed at the more affordable end of the market. The XJ-V2 is powered by Casio's hybrid light source technology and, according to Casio, is best used either in the classroom, on the go or at home.

Casio's SSI light source in the XJ-V2 gets rid of the need for potentially damaging mercury lamps, and has an estimated lifespan of up to 20,000 hours. The electricity consumption is also approximately half that of a mercury-based lamp projector. This makes the XJ-V2 a more cost efficient option compared to a mercury-lamp projector.

In addition to this, the new EcoLite projector reaches maximum brightness levels within five seconds, making it perfect for a wide range of uses. It can also power off immediately at the touch of a button, and can be used again right away without the need for a cool-down period.

Casio has also improved the dust resistance of the XJ-V2 by restructuring the internal components into separate three blocks to shield the optical component from particles. This, in turn, enables the brightness of the projector to remain consistent and operate at a high level for much longer.

Joe Gillio, the senior director of strategic planning and marketing at Casio's Business Projector Division, said of the announcement: “Casio continues to expand its projector portfolio with new products that are mindful of the environment and able to provide exactly what educators, businesses and consumers are looking for.

“By utilising a LampFree light source, Casio is doing its part to lessen the hazardous waste from the hundreds of thousands of mercury lamps that get deposited into landfills every year."