Casio projectors used to create new attraction at Cheddar Gorge

Casio projectors used to create new attraction at Cheddar Gorge

LCI Productions, Casio projectors and Cheddar Gorge & Caves have partnered to create a new attraction. The exhibition titled ‘Dreamhunters- The Adventures of Early Man’ is the first new attraction at Cheddar Gorge in almost 25 years.

The experience takes visitors through ancient human history with the caves. Using Casio projection technology along with high tech surround sound systems, the exhibition is 100 metres and tells the story in eight chapters.

Creating the actual attraction was especially challenging, given the rugged and jagged features of the cave. Given that it was also set in a natural setting, all power and signal points had to be installed from scratch. In addition to some parts of the cave being open to external elements, the technology had to be able to handle exposure relatively well.

LCI Productions partnered with Casio, to carry out the project; it took a team of six people a total of 57 days to install up to three kilometres of fibre-optic cable, two kilometres of audio cable and 1.5 kilometres of DMX cable. In addition to all the cabling, they laid sound-proofing flooring in order to minimise the audio effect the cave has on the speakers, as well as installing 55 LED lights.

However, the company really enjoyed installing the 16 Casio projectors around the cave. Mapping each individual projector to the cave face, this allowed certain elements of the storytelling be amplified with the contours of the cave. LCI Productions used five Casio Ultra Short Throw projectors which has the ability to project an 80 inch image from just 27 centimetres. This meant that even the tightest spaces were able to be transformed.

In addition, Casio’s laser and LED hybrid lamp source resulted that the same brightness and optimum performance would be performed regardless of the environment. The lens throw distances and the projector sizes themselves also had a significant decision on LCI choosing Casio for the new attraction.

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