Casio has launched a range of ultra-slim projectors with a 20,000-hour laser and LED hybrid light source, aimed at giving avid video gamers another option aside from HDTV.

The Green Slim Projectors can display a projected image to 100 inches or more and can also project that image in a full 1080p HD signal, coming from either laser or LED hybrid light sources. The light source’s life span is nearly ten times that of Casio’s conventional products with high-pressure mercury lamps —which means less maintenance and lower operating costs and, in theory, the ability to play for five hours a day for up to ten years.

Other exceptional features on offer with the models, which can lie flat on a surface or can be rotated through 90 degrees for portrait projections, include the 2x power zoom lens – which allows for even greater detail – and the superior colour reproducibility, which greatly improves color purity compared to high-pressure mercury lamps.

All models in the range are also equipped with an HDMI terminal that can transmit digital audio/video in high quality HD with only one cable.

Where Casio is hoping to capitalise is the price for the machines, with gamers being able to get the same size and level of detail for a fraction of the price they would pay for a television screen.