The projector lamp on the Casio Signature XJ-M145 has been praised for the length of time it lasts in one recent projector review.

PC Magazine noted that the device has a long-lasting and mercury-free light source and also features a good warranty for the projector itself and the bulb.

The device provides 2,500 Lumens of brightness and has XGA 1,024x768 native resolution. However, the light is not delivered in a standard fashion, but instead produces reds with LEDs, blues with lasers and greens by shining the blue laser light on a phosphor. The optical system then directs the lights to the DLP chip and out of the front lens.

The system is capable of functioning with some ambient light, but is probably best put to use within theatre conditions and darkness. In these conditions, it provides bright and well-saturated colours, although they sometimes had unwanted tints in certain colours.

One area where it did come unstuck was with the rainbow effect, a known curse of all DLP projectors. The Casio device had a relatively pronounced effect, but it's “probably not an impediment in data presentations” although it could become an issue in areas where colour is crucial.

Overall, the device is a little bulky but its impressive lamp-life make it a tempting option for people looking for a projector for business use.