Casio launches 'greener' EcoLite projector
International projector manufacturer Casio has launched the newest member of its EcoLite range at CES 2016.

Created based on Casio's 'greener technology', the EcoLite XJ-V2 is the company's latest next-generation LampFree projector, offering detailed and clear projection via laser and LED without demanding a higher budget.

Casio's EcoLite Series is an industry-altering green classroom projector series that combines a variety of environmentally-friendly technology to create intense brightness without the need for lamps. Despite this green technology, each projector boasts a 20,000 hours lifespan without any degradation in brightness, ensuring consistent and reliable projection for the duration of its life.

The XJ-V2 offers effective dust resistance through the restructuring of internal components, which means that the projection brightness and clarity will no longer be compromised by dust settling inside the device.

The projector's impressive brightness can also be enjoyed within just five seconds of the device being turned on, so users within an education setting can begin their lecture or teaching session at the touch of a button.

Joe Gillio, Senior Director Strategic Planning and Marketing of Casio's Business Projector Division, said: "The EcoLite, Ultra Short Throw and SLIM series are ideal choices for any 2016 classroom wish list because they come equipped with the innovative features that educators want, while also offering a lower total cost of ownership."

As part of an impressive classroom offering, Casio has also created an Ultra Short Throw Series, which is geared towards educators and makes it even easier to use projection technology in the classroom.

This efficient and modern range of projectors can be accessed remotely via smartphone to make classroom integration even easier. Casio's projector mobile application even allows users to display and annotate presentations from a mobile device, and even save changes to content, which ensures educators can engage with a whole classroom, regardless of size.