Canon’s new projector works in large bright rooms

Canon has released details of a new projector it is launching in the States in April with a price tag of $6,999.

The REALiS SX7 Mark II LCOS projector is made for use in large rooms and is able to project a clear image even in a brightly lit room, according to Canon.

Its native resolution is 1400×1050 and it includes 4000 lumens of light. Another feature is its DVI-I Terminal, which provides a true digital connection, resulting in high quality video and images. Projector placement is made easy with the inclusion of a Canon 1.7x Powered Zoom/Focus Lens. In addition to all this, the Canon REALiS SX7 Mark II Multimedia LCOS Projector supports Adobe sRGB and RGB colour spaces.

The projector has a very efficient addition for busy users in the form of its “Off and Go” system. This system allows users to immediately unplug the projector after they have finished using it. This prevents the need for waiting around for the projector to cool down or complete slow shut-down processes.

An exact date for the projector’s release in the US or the UK is not yet known.

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