Cannon has launched a new 7,000 lumen projector that it claims will gain a commanding position in the installation projector field.

As well as the impressive brightness, the high-performance XGA-resolution LV-7590 Multimedia Projector offers a contrast ratio of 1800:1 and five optical lenses for customised front or rear applications. These properties make it ideal for large venues such as school, places of worship, showrooms, conference rooms, art galleries, museums and small theatres.

Canon USA's head of consumer imaging, Yuichi Ishizuka, said they were confident in establishing a hold on the sector.

"The installation market is a large and growing segment for multimedia projectors," he said. "The new LV-7590 Multimedia Projector provides this market with the performance and features that are most in demand such as high brightness for clear, high-quality image display even in well-lit environments."

The projector also features a unique Colour Control device, which adds yellow to the traditional red, green and blue color panels of LCD projectors. It independently controls yellow components, adjusting the amount of yellow light and automatically adjusting for optimum color reproduction.

It comes with user-adjustable vertical and horizontal digital keystone correction and Automatic Gamma Adjustment to monitor average brightness frame-by-frame, as well as 10-bit digital video processing, 3-D Digital Noise Reduction, and Intelligent Sharpness Control. Its ample connectivity includes a 5BNC terminal and a high-speed DVI-D interface, along with all the industry-standard compatibilities.