A new projector from Canon is capable of delivering an impressively good ratio of distance to screen size.

The Canon LV-8235 is able to produce an 80-inch image from a distance of just one inch, its manufacturer revealed. In addition, the images are bright and clear at 1,280 by 800 pixels and brightness level of 2,500 lumens.

It is intended for use in boardrooms and classrooms and will most likely to of interest to people with a limited amount of space due to the fact that it can be positioned directly below or above the image space.

Not only does this method cut down on the required space for projecting an image, but it will also eliminate the glare in the eyes of he presenters and the risk of shadows when people cross in front of the screen.

The projector is the first from Canon to be able to produce images at such a short range and uses a single DLP chip to create images of up to 110 inches.

In terms of connectivity, the LW-8235 benefits from a standard set of ports, including dual PC inputs, HDMI and a LAN cable.