Canon launches new projectors Canon launches new projectors

Canon India has launched a series of new projectors as Indians start buying more home entertainment devices.

The company’s new launch includes the LX-MU800Z, XEED WUX6010 and XEED WUX 450ST, which all come with sophisticated technology and user-friendly features.

Canon said projectors in India were increasingly being used outside of conference rooms.

The LX-MU800Z projector, designed for use in digital signage and art exhibitions, features Canon’s new Laser Light Source technology, the first time the company has applied the technology to its projector range.

The XEED projectors come with new features like hardware edge blending that gives users flexibility and control over their image presentation. They also come with Canon’s Liquid Crystal On Silicon) technology to create projections free of the ‘lattice’ or ‘screen door’ effect, which results in muted colours and text that appears faint and uneven.

K. Bhaskhar of Canon India’s business imaging solutions division, said: “We have witnessed a shift in the usage pattern of projectors among Indian consumers. This has led to the diversification of the projection requirements, which is extending beyond conference rooms now.

“In accordance to our constant pursuit of developing innovation led products, we are excited to introduce our new range of projectors. The new models offer unmatched image quality and brightness along with lower operating costs enabling both businesses and end-users to deliver optimum results at a minimum cost.”