Canon launches new 4K laser projector
Digital imaging firm Canon has launched what it says is one of the world’s “smallest and lightest” 4K laser projectors.

Its REALiS 4K600STZ Pro AV Laser LCOS Projector weighs a modest 57.3 pound and is packed full of the latest technology, Canon says.

Designed for use in a wide range of markets and applications including museums, art galleries, planetariums, higher education, medical education and training, the 4K600STZ projector offers “exceptionally detailed” image reproduction and “outstanding” colour accuracy.

Its core features include:

Native 4K Resolution of 4096 x 2400, larger than the 4K standards for TV and digital cinema.
Laser Phosphor Light Source which offers an extended operation time of 20,000 hours or more.
6000 lumens with up to 10,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, ensuring content appears with brilliant colour levels.
Canon 4K lens, which also includes a marginal focus function which can be used to help ensure content projected on the peripheral portions of domed surfaces remains in focus.
Dual image processing engines for uncompressed 4K 60p playback.

“The impressive benefits of 4K laser projection, combined with Canon’s optical and image processing technologies and compact engineering define the many advantages of the REALiS 4K600STZ Pro AV Laser LCOS Projector,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, president and chief operating officer, Canon USA.

“We are confident this projector’s many advanced technologies and features will not only meet, but exceed the growing needs of AV professionals who demand exceptional, high-resolution and high-value projectors.”