Canon has unveiled two new portable projectors for the classroom and conference room aimed at the education and business markets.

The LV-WX300UST and the LV-WX300USTi models are ultra-short throw projectors, designed to meet increasing demand for clear images and easily portability from schools and business users.

Canon spokesman Roger Machin said: “Many customers, particularly in the education sector, are looking for truly interactive experiences that will improve learning and the communication of information.

“With the LV-WX300UST and LV-WX300USTi, we can meet this demand with the high image quality that you expect from Canon.”

The LV-WX300USTi has the higher specification of the two new models. It is a fully interactive piece of equipment which has a range of drawing features including an inbuilt camera that allows four infrared pens to be used at once. It also has drawing software to improve users’ ability to communicate ideas with their audience more easily.

The LV-WX300UST provides ultra-short throw projector capabilities without the interactive elements included in the LV--WX300USTi. They are both particularly designed to provide high quality, clear images in a limited space, as little as 28cm away from the screen. Both models have two HDMI ports to connect other devices.

The two new Canon models will be launched in May.