Canon has added two new high-brightness projectors to its XEED range, in the form of the ultra-versatile SX6000 and WX6000 projectors.

The two new models are being aimed at corporate, exhibition and education environments, providing a range of lens option – including compatibility with a new ultra long zoom lens – and Canon’s combination of LCOS and AISYS technology.

The SX6000 has native SXGA+ resolution (1400 x 1050 pixels) and offers a 4:3 aspect ratio, while the WX6000 provides WXGA+ resolution (1440 x 900 pixels) with a 16:10 aspect ratio.

The proprietary combination of the AISYS optical system and the LCOS technology allow for both of the projectors to deliver enhanced brightness, colour purity and image quality. The real colour brightness that both of the projectors provide allows for colours to be displayed at virtually the same intensity as white.

Both of the models will be compatible with Canon’s new ultra long zoom lens, which is being launched in the final quarter of 2012. It has a 1.95x zoom, offering a range of throw distances between 7.6 and 15 metres for a standard 100 inch image.

The models have 360-degree projection capabilities, which mean that images can be thrown from the floor, ceiling and walls to create immersive projection experiences.