Canon has announced the launch of five new LCD projectors in its ultra-portable LV series.

The new models - LV-7290, LV-7295, LV-7390, LV-7490 and LV-8225 - range from the entry-level network-ready LV-7290 to the compact and powerful LV-7490 with 4,000 lumens brightness, to the widescreen LV-8225 projector featuring native WXGA resolution.

All five have been designed for both educational and business purposes and share a number of common features. They have XGA resolution to provide sharp, bright projections - except for the LV-8225 which has native WXGA resolution, a wide-angle 1.2x zoom projection lens to ensure good picture quality and a powerful 10W speaker.

In an effort to make its latest projectors as user-friendly as possible, Canon has included auto set-up functions for signal input and automatically synchronises the projector’s display with the computer screen’s pixel configuration.

In addition, for presentations in awkward places where space is constrained, the auto vertical-keystone can “square” images when the projector is facing the screen at an angle.

The new LV projectors all come with an extended lamp life of up to 6,000 hours, as well as a long-lasting air filter that works for up to 5,500 hours in eco mode.