Canon Europe has launched a major update of its successful LV range of portable projectors, adding 10 new models to the range.

The LV projectors have proven particularly popular in corporate and education environments, and the range has now been divided into Standard, Middle and Advanced models, each tailored for specific needs.

The four projectors categorised as Advanced provide brightness between 2,200 and 3,000 lumens, featuring network connectivity and built-in 10W speakers. The Middle category projectors have 1W speakers and HDMI inputs, offering brightness between 2,220 and 2,600 lumens in XGA and WXGA formats, while the three models in the Standard category provide long-life lamps and filters and offer brightness of between 2,200 lumens and 3,000 lumens in XGA format.

Canon’s visual communication products and solutions director, Julian Rutland, said that the projectors would be valuable additions to their stable of consumer products.

He explained, “The expansion of our LV range and the recent addition of two new models in our XEED installation range means that Canon now has a projector available for every business environment, from an entry level portable projector for a home office right through to a powerful installed projector in an exhibition hall.”