3M has launched its latest product, a camcorder projector, which features a mini mobile projector and a digital camera.

The CP45 was released earlier this week (25 October) and is designed to appeal to the consumer and business markets, with a particular focus on people who love technology and the surprises it can bring.

It is hoped that families will also make use of the devices in order to capture and share memorable moments while on the go.

The digital camera on the CP45 is capable of capturing HD video and 5 mega pixel still images, while the projector is able to project an image of up to 65 inches on almost any flat surface.

Unfortunately the battery life leaves a little to be desired, clocking up just one and a half hours of use before packing in. But this is still enough to shoot around 1,000 still photos and have time to show them off.

However, anyone who doesn't want to use the inbuilt projector to display the pictures can use the simple USB connection to download their content from the 2GB of internal memory or the expandable memory card slot in order to share it on other devices.