Buying a projector in the new year

Looking to invest in some new technology in the January sales? If you’re a home cinema enthusiast, a projector might just be for you. Enjoy fantastic sound and image quality right in your living room - some of them are so good you’ll feel you’re sat right in your local multiplex. But before splashing your Christmas cash on a projector, think about these three things.

What do you need it for?
Projectors come in different shapes and sizes and serve different purposes. If you’re looking for a projector to enjoy TV, cinema and live sport from the comfort of your own home then a home cinema projector or entertainment projector is probably the one for you. If you think you’ll also want to use your projector for other purposes - such as work presentations - then be sure to take a look at business projectors too.

How much space have you got?
Some projectors are quite big, so make sure you’ve got the space in your house to accommodate it. Thankfully, there are a whole host of projector storage options available on the market these days, including projector storage cabinets, so it’s perfectly possible to store your device in your living room without it looking out-of-place. If space is an issue, consider a portable projector - these are designed to be carted about and tend to be that little bit smaller.

How many devices have you got?
If you have a lot of entertainment devices at home, ensure your projector is capable of handling them. If you want to play content from PC and video sources, games consoles, DVD players, set-top boxes and the like, make sure it can take inputs from all these sources.