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  1. The Best Meeting Room Laser Projectors for 2021

    Looking for the best meeting room laser projectors for 2021? Take a look at our roundup and

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  2. The Best Projectors for Churches in 2021

    Churches and places of worship aren’t like most conventional buildings, due to the array o

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  3. Office Projectors in 2020: Better, Brighter, Cheaper

    New year, new technology. As offices across the country fill up in the days after the festive holidays, it’s almost back to business as usual.

    But in 2020, just what is ‘business as usual’ when it comes to audiovisual technology? There have been some major transformations in the market over the past 12 months and the pace of improvement is showing no signs of slowing down.

    If you ask us, it’s the perfect time to take a look ahead at just what we can expect in the office project

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  4. The Top 5 Laser Projectors for Businesses

    We’ve noticed some interesting developments on the office laser projector front. The market i

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  5. Our Favourite 5,000 Lumen WUXGA Office Projectors

    In the past year alone, ProjectorPoint has seen a solid concentration of demand around WUXGA-resolution

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  6. The Best 5000 Lumens Full HD Office Projectors to Make Your Meetings Shine

    Once upon a time, 1080p Full HD held the prestigious place as the pinnacle of projector resolution.

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  7. Go Big and Bright: The Best High Brightness WUXGA Office Projectors

    Imagine the scene – you’re expected to give an important presentation to the whole office; the

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  8. Projectors in 2019 – The Trends to Watch

    The last 12 months have presented a number of fascinating trends within the industry of projector technology. Demands for high-resolution projectors has remained solid from big business, but the kind of projectors they have been looking for has shifted, as new specs have proved increasingly popular.

    No matter what kind of office projector businesses have been looking for, one thing has been abundantly clear, certainly from the sales data we have observed

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  9. The Best 4000 Lumen Business Projectors – November 2019

    One thing that businesses always come back to is that search for a projector that is not only

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  10. Bright Meeting Room? Here’s the Office Projectors for Summer 2019

    Enjoying the summer is pretty high on our list of priorities at Projectorpoint

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