A new line of laptops from technology giant Fujitsu are ideal for business applications thanks to their common components and built-in projectors.

The Lifebook E-Line series of laptops were announced at computer expo CeBIT earlier this year, and are available in the UK from this week onwards. The laptops share common components, which ensures that IT departments can maintain a single disk image, and the projector fits neatly into the laptop's modular bay, meaning that a separate device does not need to be carried.

The E-Line series includes the Lifebook E753, E743 and E733, all of which share the same design. The E753 has a 15.6 inch screen, whilst the E743 has a 14 inch screen and the E733 has a 13.3 inch screen.

Each of the laptops come with the Fujitsu Bay Projector, which allows the user to screen a presentation directly from the laptop. The Fujitsu Bay projector is LED-based and is able to project an image of up to 30 inches in size onto a flat surface such as a wall which can be as far as two metres away from the laptop.

The integrated projector makes the laptop ideal for business users as it does away with the need for a separate piece of equipment, meaning a far more compact presentation device.

The Lifebook E-Line laptops with built-in projectors are priced at between £860 and £1,294.