A new series of budget projectors has been launched by InFocus, featuring a number of exciting features for the price range.

The five new DLP projectors in the company’s IN100 series come with long-lasting lamps, low prices, 3D capability and a decent level of brightness. Users will benefit from a new projector lamp design in the machines, which lasts around 50 per cent longer than InFocus’s previous generation.

A contrast ratio of 3000:1 is featured across the range, however, there are some differences between the top and bottom of the spectrum. The IN112 at the lower end of the range, for example, has a native resolution of SVGA 800x600 and a brightness of 2,700 lumens.

But if you upgrade to the top of the range IN126, you can enjoy a projector with a native resolution of WUXGA 1920x1200 and a brightness of 3,200 lumens. Which projector you choose really depends on your individual needs, but they all feature a lightweight and slim design and, according to a projector review from ecoustics.com, a “very capable long-lasting solution for schools and businesses looking to cut technology costs”.