Digital Projection International (DPI)’s LED projectors have had brightness upgrades across the board.

The firm’s entire range of LED projectors – including the M-Vision and dVision series - now incorporate Helmholtz-Kohlrausch (H-K) effect in order to increase the perceived brightness.

The Helmholtz-Kohlrausch effect has been defined by The International Electrotechnical Commission as, ‘A change in brightness of perceived colour produced by increasing the purity of a colour stimulus while keeping its luminance constant within the range of photopic vision.’

Each of the LED projectors can now deliver far greater luminance, with certain models – such as those at a price level of between £8,185 and £25,190 – even smashing the 1,000 lumen threshold. The ability to increase the luminance comes as a result of newly available components and tailored engineering.

Other DPI projectors which include the brighter luminance include the new dVision 35 series LED models, which also have 3D capabilities. All of the LED projectors also offer ‘Lifetime Illumination,’ which means that a lamp will never need to be replaced. The firm also asserts that the projectors use a tiny amount of the power to run compared to traditional UHP lamp-sourced projectors.