Samsung has officially launched, what it claims is, the world's first RGB LED data projector. It provides up to 1,000 ANSI lumens of brightness, making it what is believed to be one of the brightest projectors ever commercialised.

The SP-F10M was unveiled by the Korean electronics leader at the InfoComm 2010 tradeshow in Las Vegas this month. Coming equipped with an LED light source, the model dispenses with a lamp that would need frequent replacing, and consequently promises a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours on the Eco-mode setting.

Another benefit to the LED light source is that its strength can be maintained throughout its lifespan, not diminishing as lamps are prone to do. Ridding the device of the need for a halogen bulb - which contains mercury filaments – also minimises the problematic environmental effects associated with their disposal.

The projector can be used on a blackboard or green board, in addition to white boards and screens, making it ideal for use in the education, government and corporate sectors.

The model has launched on the US market with a price tag of $1,299. A date for its release in the UK, and other territories, is yet to be confirmed.