A new pico projector has been launched by AAXA and it looks like one of the brightest yet, with an impressive 80 lumens worth of light.

The P4's may pale into insignificance next to a standard projector, but for a pico device, this is an impressive level of light and should help to make the gadget more usable in everyday situations when a blacked-out room simply isn't possible.

Meanwhile, its battery life is just over an hour so there is time to show off a few photographs and videos or present a selection of graphs and figures in a meeting.

The resolution comes in at 1280x800, which again is a relatively good level of picture quality for a smaller device and a decent processor should mean that its capable of delivering most SD video files at this rate as well.

As a little extra the P4 runs Windows CE apps and offers support for Office Mobile as well. While these aren't vital factors in determining a purchase, they could be handy for individuals who want to have the option to show off some slides or documents on the projector without hauling a laptop around as well.