The biggest brands in the electronics business are all competing to create more capable, efficient, portable and affordable projectors in a sector that has witnessed an exponential leap in popularity.

Broad-market brands including Mitsubishi and Samsung are going head to head with specialist audio-visual names such as Optoma and InFocus. The result is that it is becoming easier and easier for people to be able to set up a nearly professional-quality cinema experience in their own homes.

The most practical of Mistubishi's offerings is the HC5500 1080p LCD Home Theater Projector. It is a catch-all option, suitable for an unobtrusive yet high quality model, complete with zoom lens, unbeatable colour transition and a very quiet operating volume.

In direct competition is the Optoma HD65 720p DLP model, which experts say has just the right capabilities for perfect HD and Blu Ray screenings. Its DLP chipset produces 1280 by 720 HD resolutions, its contrast ratio is an impressive 4000:1 and it all comes wrapped up in a compact package, measuring 18x25 centimetres and weighing just 4 lbs.

InFocus's Work Big IN2102EP projector vies for popularity with these two and Samung's P400 DLP Lumen Pocket Ultraportable is also part of the fray, with the four only set apart by finely tuned differences in their individual technology.