Cycle-power will drive a new cinema based in Crook, County Durham, allowing film fans to get fit whilst getting their latest silver screen fix.

Audience members will sit in the saddles of two bicycles and cycle to power the generator which will in turn drive the projector to screen the film, which will be screened by Jack Drum Arts.

Funding for the pedal-power project has come about as a result of the aborted refurbishment of the Crook-based former dance venue, Elite Hall. The cinema project is one of 11 projects to receive some of the funding left over from the Elite Hall plans.

Jack Drum Arts will use their share of £68,000 which had been set aside to restore the former dance hall, to buy two bikes specially adapted to power a cinema projector.

The bikes that will allow the projector to screen the films are being created by renewable energy company Fountain Design and will be launched at a music festival in Crook over the coming months.

Helen Ward, a director at Jack Drum Arts, told The Northern Echo: “Cinema-goers young and old will be able to hook up their bicycle to the generator and power the performance. Imagine how a love of cycling might be combined with a British version of the great American drive-in cinema.”