Each year, the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) conference is held in Amsterdam. The event always features a stunning line-up of new announcements from some of the biggest names in tech. And this year certainly didn’t disappoint.

With headline-grabbing projectors confirmed from the likes of Sony, Panasonic, Canon and NEC – there’s a lot here to get excited about.

The Projectorpoint team were on the ground, doing our bit to get round the stands and seek out the new projectors worth paying looking out for. Two things caught our eye: the prevalence of 4K and the increasing number of laser projectors on offer in the installation market.


After impressing the projector world last year with a brand new home cinema line-up, Sony continues to make headlines in 2018. No surprise there then. At ISE this year, they unveiled a range of five brand new laser projectors.

Here are the two installation projectors that really caught our eye.


The VPL-FHZ120L is Sony’s latest top-of-the-range projector, designed for use in large auditoriums and conference halls. It ticks all the technical boxes you’d expect from a model of this calibre:

  • 1920x1200px WUXGA resolution
  • Laser projection technology
  • 12,000 lumens worth of brightness
  • … and much more.

Of course as a laser-powered device, it comes with all the benefits of low maintenance, with no lamp changes required. You can expect to get at least 20,000 hours out of a laser projector like this – handy if you want to keep ongoing maintenance and downtime to a minimum.

This particular device sees its performance further enhanced by an optical compensator and it’s worth nothing that both the FHZ120L and Sony’s other big new launch – the VPL-FHZ90PL – run using LCD laser technology. This means they’re ideal for use of up to around 12 hours a day – perfect for applications like art galleries, attractions and museums too.


Speaking of the FHZ90PL, this device is the next rung down in the new Sony installation series. A step down it might be, but the VPL-FHZ90L remains an eye-catching piece of tech.

This model is designed largely for use in education environments and boardrooms and large, bright meeting rooms. It features a slightly lower brightness than the ‘headline’ model, clocking in 9,000 lumens, but offers the same laser projection and WUXGA resolution.


OK, drumroll please for Panasonic… one of the most exciting models to come out of the ISE conference this year, Panasonic announced their headline laser projector – the PT-RQ22K 3-Chip DLP Solid Shine laser projector.

Compact and Filterless 21 klm*1 4K+ 3-Chip DLP™ Projector Leverages SOLID SHINE Laser Technology for Awesome Large-Format Pictures and Low TCO

The model will be released in August this year, and browsing through the specifications looks to be an exercise in spotting as much top-of-the-range tech as you can find. The PT-RQ22K boasts 21,000 lumens and offers a 20,000:1 contrast ratio – the Panasonic engineers certainly aren’t messing around with this one.

The beyond-4K resolution of 5120 x 3200px is perhaps the most eye watering thing about this product – but that being said, the price hasn’t yet been released so there’s plenty of potential left for shock and awe.

Oh and on top of ALL THAT, the device’s USP is that it includes a multi-screen support system, which allows the device to blend and calibrate images across multiple screens for custom installations without a huge amount of video processing equipment.

If you’re looking for a device that can deliver large crystal clear, bright, images with deep colours and clear blacks to a big audience, even in a bright environment – the PT-RQ22K is more than up to the job.


Not one to be upstaged by Sony and Panasonic, Canon announced no fewer than six new projectors at the conference. Three of these are laser projectors and three are lamp projectors.

Obviously we’re interested in the laser devices so here’s a closer look at the XEED WUX7000Z, XEED WUX6600Z and the XEED WUX5800Z.

The range offers 7,000, 6,600 and 5,800 lumens respectively, while all three boast a 4,000:1 native contrast ratio. Add in the sRGB colour gamut and you’ve got a recipe for some beautiful colour-rich images with deep, solid blacks – which all resonate with Canon’s photography-savvy audience.

In terms of resolution, we’re back down at native WUXGA resolution here rather than the Panasonic’s outrageous 5120 x 3200px.

These models are Canon’s most compact yet, and feature a completely redesigned optical system called AYSYS 4.2, which aims to change the optical setup of the devices, delivering cleaner, sharper and brighter images as standard.

Sure, they’re on the smaller scale than the Panasonic & Sony projectors but these devices will do a great job in most office environments.


PX1005QLFinally, we also headed over to talk to NEC and check out their latest installation laser projector - the PX1005QL. The device eschews WUXGA and heads straight for the 4K market. With 10,000 lumens of brightness and 4K resolution – this doesn’t quite have all the bells and whistles of the Panasonic, but it’s still going to turn heads with bright, crisp images.

None of the models we’ve looked at here are yet out for sale – consider ISE something of a teaser for what 2018 has to come. Stay tuned to Projectorpoint and we’ll keep you up to speed with the new launches over the course of the year.