Most people looking to add a projector to their meeting room setup quickly find that they don’t have all that much space to play around with. Even if your room is large enough to fit a two-metre throw distance, is it large enough to leave that space clear for chairs and tables for meeting attendees to gather around? Will people get in the way and end up walking between the projector and the screen interrupting presentations?

Short throw projectors are designed to solve these problems by reducing the distance between the device and the screen without compromising on the size or quality of the picture itself. You might think that this feature would cause the projector itself to be much more expensive – but there are some cost effective options available for £1,000 and less.

Here’s a look at some of the most price-accessible short throw office projectors.

BenQ MX631ST - £415.00 ex VAT

The BenQ MX631ST is one of the most accessible short throw projectors out there and provides fantastic value for money at just £415.00 ex VAT. For that price, you get a short throw projector with 3,200 lumens of brightness and 1024x768px resolution.

This is a particularly good choice for small training rooms and classrooms. Its short throw distance means you can achieve a 1.5 metre diagonal image placing the device just 1.3 metres from the screen – about half the distance of a standard projector.

It is a great option if you need to free up space or take the projector from room to room, without breaking the bank. But in terms of resolution, you’re only looking at XGA here, so a good choice it you’re stuck working with older input devices, but if you need high levels of detail for data analysis or client pitches and presentations, it might be worth moving up a level.

BenQ MW826ST - £479.00 ex VAT

A step up from the MX631ST, the BenQ MW826ST has a lot more to offer. It’s a device that really proves BenQ’s commitment to expanding the technology available in the entry-level market. The brand is leading the way with low cost 4K projection, and they’re doing the same for short throw projectors.

The BenQ MW826ST model is just £479.00 ex VAT. For the price, you get a compact device, just 2.6kg and throw distance is MUCH shorter than the MX631ST. The projector needs to be just 0.62 metres back for a 1.5 metre diagonal image, further increasing your installation flexibility.

At 3,400 lumens, the projector is a bit brighter, which could make all the difference in a room where control over ambient light is limited. It’s also worth noting that it includes a SmartEco feature, extending lamp life to up to 15,000 hours.

At 1280x800px, the widescreen WXGA resolution should be sufficient for most office tasks. That is around 30% more pixels on screen for 15% more cash. The MW826ST offers ultra-short throw, bright, clear and focused images as standard, and the quality of your projection will be significantly greater than its price-tag would suggest.

Optoma EH415ST - £911.00 ex VAT

Finally, at £911.00 ex VAT, the Optoma EH415ST is a jump up from the BenQ models, but still comes in under £1000. It’s got a lot to offer for the money. Most importantly, with the Optoma device you’ll benefit from Full HD resolution at 1920x1080px, and 3,500 lumens, which together create a bright, crisp image.

Add to that the device’s lamp life of over 3,000 hours – which can be extended to around 7,000 in Eco mode – and you’ve got a robust machine that’s a firm choice for an all-round excellent office projector.

The all-important throw distance is just 0.62 metres for a 1.5 metre diagonal screen, while the connectivity options mean the device can be managed and monitored remotely across a network – making installation more flexible. And of course, the ultra-short throw distance means it’ll fit into your existing space setup with few complications.

This is a fantastic projector for any business dealing with space constraints and demanding HD resolution (which we see as essential nowadays!) If budget allows, the EH415ST is well worth the jump up.

Have a browse through our entire range of short throw projectors right here. And stay tuned to our blog to keep up with the latest product launches and best offers for your setup.